Founded in 2014, Champaign Paper is a handmade paper goods company based in Ohio. We create beautifully detailed cards, prints, totes, notebooks, and more!  we design, print, cut, score, package, and ship all of our items out of our in-home studio.  All of our designs are hand-drawn then edited digitally.  Champaign Paper products can be found in shops in 20 states, canada, and online at &

All of our paper products are printed on paper from French paper co, located in niles, Michigan.  the recycled paper they provide us is made in a paper mill that is run on 100% hydroelectric power.


O U R B E G I N N I N G...

- A R T I S T: Elisabeth -

My journey began when I was a little girl. You could always find me doodling, drawing, and discovering new ways to create my own little masterpieces. I put my heart and soul into imagining ideas and converting them into artwork. As an adult, I still love creating art and I thrive on developing my talent.

- B U S I N E S S & D E S I G N: Shaun -

I noticed Beth was very talented when she hand-drew the invitations for her friend's wedding. I thought I could help her make products that would look amazing, and that people would love. We started an incredible journey together that is never-ending and full of surprises. We have devoted an extensive amount of time learning new ways to improve our products and to put new ideas into action. I mainly do any graphic design and formatting work that needs done, but I also help with production, packaging, and any other business minutiae that needs attention. 

- P R O D U C T I O N  M A N A G E R & P H O T O G R A P H E R: Cala -

Cala has been devoted to helping us for 3+ years and will continue being an amazing asset to our company. Cala assists with production of our wares, conceptualizing new ideas and products, training, photography, helps prepare, set up, and operate booths at events, & manages inventory.  Cala's dedication continues to facilitate our success and growth of our business. 

- C H A M P A I G N  P A P E R -

We chose the name 'Champaign Paper' because we like to think of our greeting cards as free, wide-open, and possessing limitless boundaries! Our greeting cards are our pride and joy and we love the idea that they bring smiles to those that they are sent to. 

We don't have a particular style that we live by, but we tend to enjoy whimsical and nature-inspired designs. We are completely open to any ideas you would like to share if you are interested in a custom order!

- C R E A T I N G  C A R D S  W I T H  L O V E -

Each card is hand designed by us and developed by using pens, pencils, watercolor, paint, acrylic markers, etc. Many designs are also digitally colored for a more unique and vibrant look. They are scanned and printed on earth-friendly paper that is 80# or thicker, we want it to feel as awesome as it looks! After printing, they are hand-cut and packaged with love and care!

We truly hope you value our products as much as we do! Please feel free to send us your ideas and comments, we love feedback!

T H A N K  Y O U!

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Shaun & Elisabeth Mueller, Co-Founders

Shaun & Elisabeth Mueller, Co-Founders

Thank you for checking us out!

Thank you for checking us out!

Our banner for our events!

Our banner for our events!